Bitcoin Recovery

How to Recover your Bitcoin? On your Own or with an Expert?

Can you recover your lost bitcoin? An uptick in virtual currencies heist has forced numerous crypto investors to wonder whether they have ample options for recovering their lost funds or tracing illegal Bitcoin transactions. Let’s look at some of the steps that can help you in recovering scammed bitcoin or crypto.

  • Find out about the scammer: Try to reach out to the trading platform or Investment Company that has stolen your cryptocurrency by sending an email. Try to convince them that if you can’t recover your money, you’ll have to report about them to the financial bodies. Although this can’t guarantee that you can retrieve your money, your efforts are going to pay off in the long run.
  • Report the scammer: Next, you must report the scammer to the important financial authorities. You should always report a crypto/bitcoin scam, whether you can or cannot retrieve your money or scammed bitcoin. If you suspect that your bitcoin has been scammed without a proper explanation or you’re unable to withdraw your money, it’s your responsibility to report this criminal activity.
  • Contact your crypto wallet provider: Reach out to your crypto/Bitcoin wallet provider. It can raise awareness and prevent others from getting scammed.
  • Be creative and smart: There are several ways which a Bitcoin expert or investigator is going to explore for obtaining information in a specific case. If you’re willing to get back your money, you can ask yourself these questions: Am I running out of options that can help me to get my funds back? What if it was several bucks? Would I still prefer to throw it?

To get started, you can publicize the story online in any form. For example, you can add the investment platforms or broker’s name on Reddit, Quora, or Facebook to check whether there is someone who has any clues or information related to this company or about the ways which can help you to get the money back. It can prevent other investors from falling prey to a similar scam.

  • Seek professional help: Although this isn’t an ideal option in all cases as the legal fees can be more than the money lost. However, in some scenarios, a piece of legal advice can guide you to take the necessary steps against a crypto scam company.
  • Consult a Bitcoin Recovery Expert: If the above suggestions aren’t effective in your case, hiring a Bitcoin recovery expert will be your best bet. There are myriad Bitcoin recovery experts available online, and you can select an expert after going through the reviews.

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